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The Poetical Mind

August 26, 2007

Thousands of phrases are packed in a small place.
Running around like an eternal race.
Phrases hitting phrases and together they combine.
Such is the workings of the poetical mind.

Starring at the computer and over at the clock.
The phrases are overloading, another writer's block.
The perfect words I am seeking to find.
I am off in search of the poetical mind.

Sadness, happiness, and tormenting rage.
Are a few of the emotions it puts on the page.
True feelings that are one of a kind.
Such are the feelings of the poetical mind.

Where the grass is green and the sky heavenly blue.
Where there are no boundaries or limits in view.
Look deep into your soul it is there you will find...
Such is the hiding place of the poetical mind.

I looked inwards past all of mass depression
and underneath years of past aggression.
The wall that I put up it was hiding behind...
In my heart I found the poetical mind.

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August 26, 2007

I've cried at the foot of Jesus.
  and danced with the devil himself.
                             -Cristie L. Clark

 I am the same today as yesterday
and will be the same tomorrow as today.
                         ~Cristie L. Clark

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Rhymes Unfinshed

August 26, 2007

Lyrically I'm a fanatic with a rhyming habit
Constantly at it like a poetry addict,
In every verse, every noun, every word, every verb,
Every outrageous blurb for you to observe.
Even the most absurd things you've ever heard
Sound so contagious when the phrases
Are placed in proper places and remain intact.
In fact blank pages are my beginning stages
Where letters combine and entwine in time.
Somewhere deep inside my mind I find
The lever to unleash the beast whose clever
and never release any peace forever
Severed from anything I plan to endeavor....

Finished this be continued!

To seek the world, you must dare to fly.
Laugh with the heart and shake the sky
Shoot for the stars, never to fade.
Spin the wheel, draw the blade.
You will cry tears of jade.
Song, Reason, Rhythm, and Rhyme...
Future's past is now the time.


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Writer's Pastime

August 26, 2007

Writing was all I had,
  you couldn't take that from me.
That's how I know,
  God blessed me with this ability.
To express myself, to show my love
  through all life's adversity.

My pen was there...
To help me vent,
  to let the emotion flow
My pen was my friend
  you never cared to know.

So many things I wanted to do,
  so many things to explore
Now I realize, a bit too late,
  there was so much more.

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Writer's Pen

August 26, 2007

A listening ear, through all of my depression.
When no one seems to care...
You're my form of self-expression.

Together, we have spent a whole lot of time.
Your ink is always ready...
For when my thoughts intertwine.

Your casing, very smooth to the touch.
Your shine, so elegant...
We've worked through so much.

You've been put through the hardest test.
Dropped, rolled, and thrown,
You've been better than the rest.

It won't be long, we will meet again.
You are the very best...
You're my "writers pen."

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The Elvis Shrine

August 26, 2007

Surrounded by a man
  who left this world too early.
Time Life's, tins, and paintings
  hanging oh so very closely.
This house is a museum
  for the King of Rock n' Roll,
Beloved by so many,
  may God rest his soul.

You name it, it's here...
  dolls, rugs, and steins.
This is only the beginning
  of the legendary shrine.
Jewelry, ornaments, and records
  all in tall lit cases.
Pictures, calendars, and paintings
  leave no empty spaces.

Let's not forget the dogs,
  for they are number one.
As you can begin to see
  the list goes on and on.
From books, bedding, posters...
  cards and candy,
To purses, knives, collages,
  and the finest drawings.
This woman has devoted
  her life willingly.
She is in love with the man
  named "Elvis Presley"

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August 26, 2007

Have you ever seen the world;
Through a pair of blind eyes?
Can you see?
Can you see through the world's disguise?
Can you see the bird of prey as it flies;
Spreading chaos, deceit and lies?

Have you ever heard the world;
With a pair of deaf ears?
Can you hear?
Can you hear yourself expressing your fears?
How about the painful un-ending tears;
Of an alcoholic needing just one more beer?

If we can see and hear the world;
Then why don't we try?
Why don't we try to end a starving kids' cry?
Or stop depressed people from wanting to die?
Why don't we stop pretending life is fair, end the lie?

Why don't we try?
Try to Unite.

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August 26, 2007

I haven't seen happiness
  many times in my life.
Stricken with sadness,
  grief pain, and strife.

New days lie ahead,
  I look forward to see...
How this new life unfolds...
  how happiness sets me free.

This whole concept
  so new, I admit.
So hard to move on
  can't seem to forget.

But I have come to terms
  it's my only way out.
At the end of the road,
  this is my last route.

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While You're Working

August 26, 2007

Hey Baby..."I love you",
  haven't said that in a while.
But I feel like I'm back,
  baby girl's got 'er smile.

It's been a long time
  since I have felt this way.
Now I am realizing
  what you went through day after day.

I'm sorry I've let my mother
  take over my life.
But now, I'm all yours...
  back to being your wife.

I am looking forward
  to more happy days.
I am hoping and praying
  this happiness stays.

Tonight I am waiting,
  wishing you were here.
For only when I am with you,
  do I never feel fear.

So while you are working
  I will patiently wait.
I'll be here with you
  with every breath that I take.

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The Way You Left Me

August 26, 2007

The seizures that you have,
The xanax's that you crave,
The bottle that you drink,
The weed that you inhale,
These are only a few of the details.

All of your problems,
  all blamed on me...
Have you ever taken responsibility?

The neglect that I've felt
The scars I have today
Your hateful words was the worst of the pain.

I don't want to say it,
  but it's you I despise.
When I think of you,
  my heart becomes paralyzed.

I remember things from being a child...
  that I know you can't
   even see how.
You lied to me,
  told me it was all just a dream...
But now I know
  it was part of your scheme.

I prayed so many nights
 for Daddy to leave you
Pack up everything
  you wouldn't have a clue.
That day never came
So he's as much to blame,
  he's just as guilty.

Daddy's little girl
  that's what I was...
But you got your way, Why?
  Just because.
That's who you are...
  "Mrs. All About Me"
My short life
  has been a long journey.
But you wouldn't know,

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